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2-23, Jalan PJU 1/42, Dataran Prima, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Cathleen Jia Vun Pan on Google

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A patient, open-minded, and enthusistic digital marketing mentor. She shares her knowledge, skills, and experience willingly and accepts different opinions open mindedly. Truly a great mentor to reach out to if you're looking to upgrade your digital marketing skills!
Kum Shi Mak on Google

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Kelly is a talented digital marketer and an exceptional educator. She knows how to produce the digital marketing results based on the needs of businesses. She also knows how to guide her students in becoming skilled in digital marketing. Highly recommended to seek KelC out if you want to transform your business and careers for the future.
Kevin Eng on Google

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A very knowledgeable trainer with Real Live training conducted. You are not watching pre-recorded digital marketing videos when you are attending the sessions. Kelly is also very engaging in her sessions. ?% recommended trainer ?
Chia Tee Quek on Google

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I have joined the Digital Marketing course organised by this company. Overall, I am very happy to be able to learn many new terms and applied the knowledge that I learnt instantly with guidance from my dear teacher, Kelly. If you are looking for a class that really provides value, this is definitely an option that you should consider! Thank you Kelly and Mabel for all the help!
Shahfyena Shahri on Google

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Kelly is a skilled and energetic trainer; she is hands-on and patient in every session. Generous with sharing her knowledge and experience this real-live online training is engaging and not pre-recorded. This 10-in-1 course covered all the necessary bases and has an excellent insight in where to kickstart a potential career or side-hustle in Digital Marketing.
Kugan Vyravanathan on Google

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The course was very beneficial to me. It gives me an holistic overview of Digital Marketing which is the in thing these days. Kelly is a very patient and tolerant person and always ensures that everyone gets the message across before moving on. Highly recommended.
nur najihah othman on Google

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Kelly is very good in teaching. I feel enjoy and excited join her class. I got so many knowledge about digital marketing. She makes me love and want to explore more and start my career in digital marketing. Hope we can collaborate again soon.
Behoney Lee Tong Low on Google

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KelC is definitely a perfect company if anyone is looking for a Digital Marketing mentor. Kelly has been a really great mentor to me and my classmates. Her passion in digital marketing, kind, friendly, and energetic personality has made every class fun & made us develop an interest in Digital Marketing! She shared all her knowledge and real life experiences to us, and answered every single question that her students ask. She never left anyone in the class & always making sure that everyone is able to follow whatever she teaches. Strongly recommend KelC to everyone out there!

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