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Lebuhraya Shah Alam, Km 34.5, Lebuhraya Kesas, 47600 Subang Jaya, Malaysia

Phone : πŸ“ž +98
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City : Subang Jaya

Lebuhraya Shah Alam, Km 34.5, Lebuhraya Kesas, 47600 Subang Jaya, Malaysia
fadzlee ahmad on Google

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Stop for refuelling only.
Az Zero on Google

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Customer service is great and there is place for customer to sit and eat. You can go for breakfast as it serve Costa coffee.
The Jepah on Google

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Im not sure if this is a new Shell procedure applied to the every branches or what but as far as i remember i never experienced this in any other shell petrol station Went to the counter inside to pay for my fuel using debit card. Funny thing the worker keep telling me i can pay outside . Multiple time!. Yes i know that very well too, but I refuse that because i know rm300 will be deducted from accnt when i use debit card from the machine outside. So to avoid that, customer need to pay from the counter inside. So thats the main reason i went in. Then after i done my payment from the counter and request for receipt what the response i get is i need to fuel up first and then i need to come BACK in to take the receipt and I'm already fed up at this point. What is this SOP?? Why its soo inconvenience to customers?? SHELL or this station manager or who ever responsible do something bout ur sop.. Can't u be a bit customer friendly and considerate? Come on Please do something!
Alex Ang on Google

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Superb location on the way home, improved by having an additional air pump instead of just the only one that used to break down once in a while. Service is fine, at least the attendant come and see if you need a windscreen washer or not.
Striker FCS on Google

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Good gasoline station.Easy access but need a little caution during exiting the station. Easy to locate the station as it is located under side on the hill so you can observe the station from far. There are 3 gasoline station in the same area (each for both side of the highway).
Janice Chong on Google

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Come to refuel but suddenly told that no petrol fuel dey. Quite frustrating.
Kim T.J on Google

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This is my favorite shell. Because I got to enjoy my coffee here n free WiFi . If I need to really rushed for work definitely I need coffee to boost my rushing. What's else ? Sausage bun or curry puff in a quick grab. What's else? Emmmmmmm.... I do also need to refuel my car in full tank and clean my windscreen. I get all I need here. I love shell. P/s I.personally think shell fuel can last longer.
Nicolle Chin on Google

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Wow! This is the nicest shell I’ve ever been to. There is delicious costa coffee and so so many food options and the staff are super super friendly and polite and well trained. There is even a seating area with free wifi and electric socket! Good Job Shell!

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