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11 A-B, Jalan BK 5a/2, Bandar Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

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City : Selangor

11 A-B, Jalan BK 5a/2, Bandar Kinrara, 47180 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia
Chin En xi on Google

The teacher is very kind and very serious about teaching.
yengnee tong on Google

I have been here for four years, and I like it very much because his teaching is clear and the teachers are very welcome to ask us questions without feeling that we are annoying.
Happy Ycwong on Google

The teachers here are very amiable. You can get referral fees for introducing friends, and there is also transportation. The classin app also allows me to pay more attention to the teacher's lectures, but if the progress can be faster, I can do more review, just Even better, because sometimes I understand but forget, the teachers here will give every student the opportunity to answer questions, and sometimes teach us some knowledge and truth about life, which is good
Xuann Yu on Google

在这里补习四年了 老师们人很nice 教课也很有趣 有时会让我们想一些有趣的 i-memory 来记得比较复杂的内容 这里每年会给我们考试,虽然我不喜欢考试 但是这样可以逼我自己努力一点读书? 网课上得很顺利 因为那个app让我有更多机会参与在课堂上 ??
Studying here for four years The teachers are very nice and the teaching is also very interesting. Sometimes they make us think of some interesting i-memory to remember the more complicated content. There will be exams for us every year, although I don't like exams, but this can force me to study hard ? The online class went well because the app gave me more opportunities to participate in the class ??
Sandra Ho on Google

Hi, 我孩子今年即将踏入小学一年级。从去年开始,我就让我孩子加入Ideal的网上K2学前班。 孩子很喜欢老师们生动、有耐心、创意的教学方式,尤其I-Memory可以让孩子在短时间内记得所学过的重点。上课时,老师也会奖励同学,让孩子更活跃的回答老师所提问的问题。 我的孩子慢慢地变得自律,准时完成作业,勇于发问。下课后,还自动自发地拿作业来复习,我相信对即将踏入一年级的他,会有很大的帮助,也可以应付学校的课业。 感恩Ideal的老师们,你们是最棒的!谢谢。
Hi, my child is about to enter the first grade of primary school this year. Since last year, I've had my kids join Ideal's online K2 preschool. Children like the teachers' vivid, patient and creative teaching methods, especially I-Memory can let children remember the key points they have learned in a short time. During the class, the teacher will also reward the classmates, so that the children will be more active in answering the questions asked by the teacher. My child is slowly becoming disciplined, completing homework on time and asking questions. After class, he will automatically take homework to review, I believe it will be of great help to him who is about to enter the first grade, and he can also cope with schoolwork. Thanks to the teachers at Ideal, you are the best! thanks.
Joe on Google

The ideal education is a good place to improve to your recognition to subjects u that lack of understanding at school. The teacher teaches with patient therefore u can ask question when you don’t understand what they’re teaching in class.Conclusion, I very much recommend this place
Kristin Hor on Google

I have improved tremendously after I attended classes in Ideal. The teaching techniques helps me to understand the topics better. Ideal is the best !
Lee CS on Google

My child (Std 4) has been attending to the Ideal Tuition centre for 4 months duration. He has shown improvement in all subjects as well as gaining more interest in Mathematics, Science and Essay writing. The teachers are patience, caring and passionate in interacting with children. The teaching methods are lively. I would highly recommend Ideal Tuition centre to those who are interested.

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